Saturday, April 23, 2011

New stuff

Since the last post I went to the local hobby shop and found a can of Testors Chrome spray paint, also a couple of packs of Evergreen strip styrene quarter and half round.  I have the three walls super glued and hopefully the strips will cover some of the corner misalignment's.  I will dry fit to the diner filling in cracks with putty.  Once the dry fit is ready to go I will separate and spray the new entrance.  If I can I will mask off the upper walls of the interior of the diner and also spray them with chrome. 
I did take some photos which I'll post tomorrow.  Ben and I have been driving around town and calling real estate brokers concerning a store front.  Unfortunately so far all we have been able to find is a 160 sq. foot office space in the back on the second floor in our price range.  Not a great location.  We've also been ducking undercover from tornadoes (one a mile to the northwest, two others about ten miles to the south) raging through here over the past couple of days and coming week, ugh!

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