Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Projects

I probably should not be thinking of new projects with so many underway already, but.... I can't help myself.  The smallest of the two on my mind right now are new Zombies for our ATZ games.  We got two packs of Wargames Factory Zombies at a flea market at Recruits, along with several packs of ACW figs for our Fire and Fury armies (we have almost 100 bases per side, now with this purchase after all are painted we should have close to 250 bases per side with some cavalry and 6-10 guns per side).  As to the Zombies all I have so far are a few Horrorclix figs.  Ben has our painted Lead Bones, some horrorclix and quite a few others.  The WF figs will probably be all I will paint as they can be used over and over unlike heroes.  SECRET DON'T TELL ANYONE we're working on some survivors for the first of the year.  We'll soon have some other new figs for our Lead Bones line before Fall In! 
The other new project is a German Colonial campaign on imaginary Mafrica a continental map, designed in the 1960s by Jack Scruby (available from Historifigs).  I have sufficient German/Askari forces for the campaign that I plan to run similar to General Pettygree's by Bill Protz.
  I have ordered some major player figs from Tradition of London-30mm Tradition and Willie figs, old school sculpting but then I need these major leaders (Bismarck etc). Special appearances by Schliemann, Karl Peters and others should make the campaign last quite awhile.  I'll be looking to pickup some buildings from either Miniature Building Authority (govenors house and customs and a few other buildings) or the Spanish Main buildings from Brigade Games may also work and be less expensive.
The first thing to do, while waiting for the Mafrica map and Tradition figs to come, is to workup the background.  I have decided that following the 1864 defeat of Denmark, 1866 defeat of Austria, 1871 defeat of France that Germany/Bismarck will call for and hold a Congress of Berlin 1873/4 which will give Germany rights over some major Mafrican river basins, control of former Danish colonial territory, and reasons to clash with the Danes, Natives, maybe France, Austria all on colonial territory rather than in Europe.
The campaign will start with the Germans sailing into Dakla, while the Danish garrison make ready to leave for their northern capitol at Semar.  The Germans will make their presence known to the Sultan by demanding use of some of his troops to police their new territory.  I see cultural problems already.
Photos of some player characters soon as they are finished.

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  1. We always have a lot of projects going! It is it is what keeps us going!

    Good luck, and looking forward to see the zeds and survivors!