Saturday, November 26, 2011

Miscellaneous thoughts

Well we had two cons last month that were kinda awful income wise. But now we look forward to next year. 
Our 15mm hardsuits have sold out in just a month and Monday I'll reorder them.  It will be interesting to see the next 15mm hardsuit with the drill hand rather than the gun.  Bases, man eating plants, survivors and a lot of other new stuff coming next year.
For Christmas we're offering our 28mm vehicles for sale at $3 each (a 40% discount)  along with our Vallejo paints for $2.
I am too slowly getting the figures painted for my, but the next several chapters are already developed in my mind so that should make writing a lot quicker, just need the figures now.  The first campaign scenario is almost set, it looks like there will be dozens of them some running concurrently (which should be really interesting).

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  1. Just had a look on the website. I love the crate of zombies! But money are thin this time of year so it will have to wait untill next year.