Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Moro War

The Moro War: How America battled a muslim insurgency in the Philippine Jungle, 1902-1913 by James Arnold, Bloomsbury Press, 2011, $28.00.
There are a lot of positive comments to be made for this book: great photos depicting individuals in uniform or costume; great action photos; great maps.  Less positive are the maps, especially the hand drawn, they are really great unfortunately they are slightly out of focus so you can't read the original writing.
As to the text: It had been quite a while since I've read a military history book and enjoyed it as much as an action novel.  The individuals Leonard Wood and John Pershing are well drawn and give you an idea of how they think in action and strategically.  As a wargamer there are enough scenario ideas in the Lake Lanao Campaign to make me want to add more figures to my collection and take on the Lake Lanao campaign myself.  The only thing I really thought was left out of the book was a description of a Moro Cotto or fort.  There are hints and bits here and there but I have never seen here or elsewhere a description that could be used to model one.
Overall, this was one great read anyone interested in the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurection should have this read in there library along with Victor Hurley's Jungle Patrol: the story of the Philippine Constabulary and Swish of the Kris: The story of the Moros.

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