Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Store finally

We had a good Cold Wars and a Great! Little Wars and inbetween the two we decided we needed to move out of the garage and into a real space. So we found a small (12 X 25 foot) space that we could actually afford.  It's on the third floor of an office building and are hoping that the management will find us a street level shop we can also afford, maybe soon.
I have added to my Mafrica Campaign blog.  Soon the Mittelland Army will be landing in Dakla to take over from the Jutlanders who have sailed up river to their now small colonial holdings on the North Coast of Mafrica.  Princess Louise Marie will soon be sending an escorted survey team into the interior to locate a series of military outposts, new adventures are on the horizon and should be up before Nashcon.

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