Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small terrain piece

I'm always looking for scale vehicles for modern stuff like Geezers or Zombies,  I found this about six months ago and lost it on the paint table until two weeks ago when I decided to finish it off as a terrain piece or hard cover.  It is probably a 1/43 scale MG? whatever, which came as you see it - no wheels, seats or grill.  It started as a nice deep blue that I just couldn't leave alone.  Just under the drivers side front wheel well you can make out a dark spot on the ground.  It is dark blue, green and black ink drops representing oil spill from the engine.

The car is heavily rusted as well as having oil spots.  Where the front seat is I decided to plant a small dead tree (well you know Zeds are dead), it is a twig heavily painted with glue with Hudson & Allen leaves at the top and under the car.  The doors close but  give better protection open,  Next Geezer or Zed game this will endup behind the garage.
Other figs on the paint table ready for clear spray are 27 Dixon 28mm cowboys for sale at our upcoming cons. I have about 30 more to paint.  I bought these on spec to sell, but now that I have painted them, they are really quite nice figures with some personality and animation is ok. 
Last week a new Joann's fabrics opened and had loads of 50% off coupons that I used to purchase six plastic cabinet sets of six drawers each.  I have since put my cigar boxes (67) of soldiers away in the drawers, leaving five free of the 36. Now I need to rebase the figs (probably over 3,000, I just found a box of 100+ camels and riders for the Sudan) to 1 inch washers and horse bases (oooh that will be expensive as the drawer sets).  Next I need something for vehicles, terrain, and buildings.  Ben already has three or four drawer sets for his figs and probably needs a few more. 
Next time I may photo my early 20th C Chinese Warlord army after I finish rebasing and touching-up their paints.

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  1. This is a great piece of scenery!!

    Well done mate!!!