Friday, February 17, 2012


Our second shipment from Ainsty Castings has arrived and is up on the site.
Also we just purchased terrain making supplies from Woodland Scenics, this will go up online soon and will travel to Cold Wars, Little Wars and Fall in this year.  There is all sorts of great stuff for adding to bases and making woods, bushes, tall grass patches and a myriad of other terrain pieces.
We have restocked Killer Bee and Tiger miniatures, and are awaiting our Trent Miniatures order.

On my own gaming side I receive three sets of rules for the colonial period from Two Hour Wargames -Great stuff- also to add to our gaming I got the risk and rewards deck for All Things Zombie.
For my Mafrican Campaigns I received the "Governors Guard" a unit of Indian Infantry and cavalry from Tradition of London.
Also I have nearly finished my Hinterland Naval force for Mafrica.  Histoifigs has sent the maps I ordered and I had them laminated so I can use grease pencils on them.
After reading on LAF about converting the Nina ship into a felucca which is photo'd on my
Soon a new chapter.

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