Monday, February 6, 2012

Ruritanian Troops

Presnted below are my Ruritanian troops.
This top photo is of the regular army, and as you can see in all the photos the tie in for each unit is purple, hats, pants stripe, or shoulder boards.

This photo belowshows the Sikh unit used in it's Mafrican colony.

 In the photo below the foot artillery is on the left while the horse artillery is on the right.

 This photo shows the Jaeger unit.
 This is weird but this photo shows the Ruritanian Marines.
 This photo shows the colonial cavalry shown here on camels but could also be mounted on horses.  In the center are three figures: in the center, in blue shirt, is Rudolf Rassendyllon the left is King Rudolph, on the right is the Queen.  Somewhere I have another of the king and queen.

This shows all I have painted to date.

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