Friday, July 13, 2012

Grand Opening Sales

Since we've been open a month now we thought it was time to have a Grand Opening Sale:

10% off all Vallejo Paints
20-80% off Woodland scenics (in store only currently but soon on the website) off retail
Price DECREASE on all Killer Bee figures 30% or better off
Vehicle sale will stay at $3 each rather than going back to $5 each
Hobby tools 30-45% off retail
All remaining Ramshackle vehicles and figures 40% off
30% off all Secret Weapon washes and pigments

New stock is coming in all the time, we just recently added Two Hour Wargames rules, new shipment of Lledo vehicles.  Arriving soon Trent restock, Tiger restock, and Ainsty restock.

Look for new Hydra figures soon, new Tiger Balkan Wars Montenegrins  also new Tiger Ice Station Lima in stock and coming to the web site soon!

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