Monday, July 23, 2012

Update on gaming and store

Restocks and new stuff just keep piling up at the store.
I posted yesterday a second part to chapter 111 on check it out.
Next weekend Ben and I plan to do an ATZ game if I can get the table cleared off from the bloodbath of the Mafrican campaign and a couple more Old Glory buildings painted.  We picked up five new police cars in 1/64th scale at Walmart to add to the two we already had so we have enough cars and will eventually add some more police figs.
I have collected four Plasticville hospitals and plan to make a two storey hospital into either a three or four storey one. I will post here the step by step construction as I can or eventually after I finish it. Hopefully within a week or so.  I have collected medical furniture from Pardulon, Ainsty, and another company that I cannot remember right now. Plus what came as furniture from the four sets of hospitals I should have enough equipment to furnish the hospital once I get the exterior completed I will add floors and walls.  Although I think Fenris or Blackcat Bases has an autopsy table set that would really add to the hospital. We have a couple of 1/64 ambulances from the 30s but would like something more modern and maybe 1/56.

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