Monday, August 27, 2012

ATZ breakout / ATZ survivor seach

After setting out a big table for a campaign beginning, things went south.  As you will see below in the photos, I only took two, that the town was ready and I had buildings  ready to with civilians to turn into Zombie when they got there.  That didn't work.  The game went thus:

This photo shows the initial attack, you can see the note pad on the side ready to write down the story, I got four more line before it was over.

A germ warfare lab has a containment breach turning the researchers into Zombies.  they break out of the lab and immediately face a rent-a-cop, federal agent and a civilian.  The cop and agent both fire killing four Zs out of 9.  The civilian is attacked and knocked down for a feast.  The cop and agent witness this and the cop runs and hunkers down, the agent kills another Z and real police show up and the Zs are all dead by the end of turn 6. 
I was disappointed at how fast it went, but it was fun.  Ben then suggested a different tack; so removing all the civilians in sight he created a road block to shorten the table.  I chose two police, one with a shotgun rep 4 and the other a rep 3, their orders were to find survivors and bring them back. 

This photo shows more of the table, the police car in the center is where the beginning action of the second game started.  The two white trucks just beyond the police car is where the road block was constructed.  We really need to find an inexpensive roadway to better define the towns we use.

The two ride into town drawing Zs to them, they manage to kill three and climb atop a truck into the second storey of a building containing three Zs, the remaining Zs converge on the police car.  The police then climbed to the roof moving and checking several buildings for survivors then crossing the street without attracting more Zs.
Once across the street the cops found survivors and Zs but were able to dispose of the Zs and, of course, attracting more Zs.  One of the survivors had a chain saw which he used to charge  several Zs but attracting more Zs. The groupd got to a building right across from the police car where the Zs were finally moving away attracted by the chain saw but away from the survivors.  The cop with the pistol had lost a fight and was unconscious and being carried by the guy with a chain saw who had saved him from an attacking Z.  They all ran for the cop car putting the unconscious cop in the trunk to have room for the four survivors, shotgun cop misses all six shots but gets in the car just ahead of the now activated Zs and it starts, he backs up quickly and they make their get-away having killed five Zs and rescuing four.
This game was much more fun than the first and fit better with the rules than my first scenario.  There probably will not be another ATZ game for a couple of months as I need to get back to my  Mafrica Campaign on the other blog.
Most business stuff will now show up on our facebook page as well as Ben's Lead Bones blog.

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