Monday, August 27, 2012

Books, magazines, and figures

Not finding much new to read at the local Books-a-Million, except for some new to us magazines (Ancient Warfare and Medivael Warfare, as well as their Wargames Soldiers and Strategy) some great new mags well worth reading; I have reverted to rereading several series: SM Stirling's Pesawar Lancers and then his changed lands; Gary Kilworth's series starting with the Crimean War and ending with the Moari War; now I'm working on John Wilcox's Fonthill series.  All of these are great series with loads of action and scenario ideas for the colonial era.
Figure wise, since we now have a store front I have a great excuse to paint figures for sale as well as for myself.  I finished an Afghan army, well two cavalry units of 12 each, two infantry units totaling about 40 figures and general staff of eight figures.  I also finished off eight resin Old Glory buildings, a 12 woman Hinterland Naval unit, working now on 12 Hinterland lancers, finished 18 Brigade Games female soldiers in kepi as Jaegers, a bunch of Miners from Pontoonier miniatures and a bunch of Reviresco native sailors for my new colonial steamers from Richard Houston.

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