Friday, July 19, 2013

Latest Books

I just finished read the first three Adrian Goldsworthy's Napoleonic Wars series.  Not another Sharpe series at all, although it does start in Spain 1808.  The characters have depth, the writing is very good, and I enjoyed reading these.  Retirement allowed me to read these three in five days while still painting figures, I even staarted thinking of painting some more Napy era figs, oh my!
I just started on Joshua Mowll's three book series "The Guild of Specialists" number one is "Operation Red Jericho".  This is a series set in 1920 China and South China Sea; I wouldn't relate the story yet, except that I think it is for 7th grade and higher readers, but if you like pulp and are looking for scenarios this is one for you, halfway through the book and there have been three scenarios for a campaign.  The book is full of drawing, photos and foldout pages - these include maps, plans for a research/merchant raider ship, submarine lots of great stuff.  I got the hard cover edition (from Amazon) so I do not know if the paperback version has the pullouts.  Definitely if you are a pulp gamer this is a must have if not to read then for the drawings.
By the way I am still working through the booklist for the Balkan Wars, more soon, sooner if the Ynakees don't start playing better.

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