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Balkan Wars 1912-1913 figure list, 10mm

Lately, I have become interested in the Balkan Wars 1912-13 and have purchased and/or downloaded a number of books on the subject that I thought would be worth reading to create a major wargame campaign for the war, possibly using the Tony Bath method.  Also I have made up a list of figures to use in the campaign.  I will break this down into two sections as the lists are longish.
At first I considered untertaking the campaign with 28mm figures from Tiger Miniatures.  But the more I read the further I became convinced that 28mm was way to big for what I envisioned.  I wanted to loosely follow the war and the smallest unit actions I could find were really division and regimental all the real action was by corps and division.  To work this into the operational aspects I want I would need thousands of 28mm figs, so I decided to scale down 15mm is fairly well represented but then I looked at 10mm and found just what I wanted.  Figures small enough to represent large units and still look great on the battlefield.
Below is a list of 10mm figure manufacturers and 6mm buildings that are either directly applicable to the combatants or useful substitutes.


Serbian - Infantry, cavalry/rifles, Machineguns, 75mm gun/crew

Turkish - Infantry, Cavalry machineguns, 77mmgun/crew, limber (these figures are probably in later war helmets but at this scale can be painted also as fez's, most photos indicate that a variety of headgear was worn mostly the later helmets and fez's but also a few turbans).  From the Egyptian war 1882 range the Egyptians in Fez will work well especially SC4 Egyptian infantry, SC10 Artillery, and SC12 Cavalry.

Bulgarians - Russo-Japanese war - Russian infantry, artillery? (the Bulgarians wore Russian style uniforms so early on the Russian infantry would work well, later the uniforms would be for the militia units).  Also useful are the Russian uniforms for WWI figures in caps - RP1, 2, and 3.  Further there should be at least one regiment uniformed from the Russo-Turkish war RT1 they are in kepi but a dab of white glue should make it into a cap, the Bulgarians had at least one unit with Berdan rifles.  Also useful could be RT9 Turkish foot command, RT4 Russian foot command, RT2 Russians in caps.

WWI German useful for Bulgarians or Germans with the Turkish high Command
TW15 German O in flat cap advancing
TW16 German Staff O standing
TW17 German Staff O w/map, pointing
TW18 German Staff O binoculars
TW20 German O mounted
TWM2 Wagon with Driver
TWM3 Ammo crates
TWM4 Artillery shells
TMS4 Oxen

6mm scale buildings - I don't think that buildings really play a large part in the battles so that smaller buildings are useful to represent towns and villages.  I am not sure yet what type churches I could use 03/04 and 03/23 could be used but I would prefer an orthodox church in a Byzantine style

Christian villages
8/001 to 008, and 010 - buildings with tile roofs

Muslim villages
17/003 to 007 North African buildings flat roofed although tile roof would also work

Tile roofed multi storey buildings, for use in larger towns
3/015, 020, 021, 022

a. oxen drawn four wheel wagons
b. mule drawn two wheel wagons
c. a large scale contour maps of the area
d. civilians

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