Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book review

Just finished Men of Color to Arms! by ELizabeth D. Leonard and I am really disappointed, the Osprey Buffalo Soldiers was much better.  If I was interested in Fort Davis, this might be a useful book, but it is just a rehash of previous secondary works.  I found one interesting paragraph (alright there were more but this really stood out as an excellent opportunity to further her thesis that was missed). In 1871, William Shafter took two expeditions to explore areas around Fort Davis, they were away from one to four months covering 500 to 2,500 miles and she wrote one paragraph about it. An excellent, but missed, opportunity to discuss what Leonard called the "essential work in the postwar nation-building enterprise." (96) There is practically nothing concerning the participation of Black troopers in the Spanish American War. 
I could go on but will refrain, save your money, I would not recommend this book.

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