Friday, January 21, 2011

New figures coming from Tiger and Trent

We are expecting by the 27th two new packs of figures from Tiger Miniatures. The figures are available for pre-order now.   These are sculpted by Richard(?) and are 1920s US Naval personnel based on the 1966 'Sand Pebbles' movie. The first is a pack (SP001) of 5 figs command figures four officers with 45s and an NCo with a Springfield ($10.00). The second pack (SP002) contains 10 figs of Other Ranks 8 with Springfield rifles and two with BARs ($20.00).
Also, coming soon are 80 Lledo Days Gone By trucks and 25 cars.  These will be selling for $5 each.  Ben has updated or stock of Lledo as the resent TMP announcement was quite sussessful and will update again when the new stock comes in.
Finally, we will be receiving a stock of each pack of Trent miniatures lines French Revolutionary Wars, SciFi, DeeZee, as well as the Trent Personality figures North Star in the UK and RecreationalConflict are the only retailers for Trent.

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