Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Post

I plan to use this blog to organize my thoughts and ideas on wargaming campaigns, figures and terrain. As well as reviewing books I read particularly historical and novels. Campaign reports will be posted as gaming time permits.  My gaming interests are Colonial (28mm), early WWII Pacific (20mm), Back of Beyond (28mm), Pulp adventures (28mm), Seven Years War (28mm), Napoleonic skirmish (28mm), Star Wars (30mm), 40K, and soon to come Naval gaming as my ships continue down the slipways. 
My sailing ships are approximately 1/87 to 1/72 scale and number 20 vessels.  Currently under construction is a tramp steamer/sub-tender/commercial raider, next in line is a tramp steamer/commercial raider/troop carrier (for miscellaneous badguys) for the South Pacific, followed by an interwar destroyer and trampsteamer "The Venture".  Two subs are available for use (one from Brigade Games and one from Stan Johansen), these ships are for 28mm figures. The ships are for outdoor gaming, I think I have permission from my wife to add some small 10-15mm ceramic structures in the garden to act as towns and cities to represent coastal cities of my naval imagi-nations.
By the title of this blog The Heliograph I tend to game the colonial period and have close to 2K figures of varying types.  I was also the editor of The Heliograph for ten years and remember that time fondly.  I have an imagi-nation - Byzantium- for my SYW and later period gaming up to the Pulp era.
We also have purchased an Old Glory Army membership and with it got most of the Gangland buildings, which so far have been cleaned up and are awaiting a warm enough days to prime.  To add to these buildings Plasticville has been a wonderful find on ebay and we have loads of parts and pieces as well as Miniature Building Authority's European and Middle-Eastern buildings.  While we were in England last May (2010) we purchased vehicles and building materials from every hobbyshop we could find so we could eventually game the "Geezers" from Killer B Games and have a good English feeling about them.

I will present figures, paints, vehicles and terrain pieces that Ben (my son) and I sell at http://www.recreationalconflict.com/ Ben will probably do some of the same at his blog http://www.leadbones.blogspot.com/

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