Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final Diner pics

During a brief spell with no rain I managed to spray the 3 small walls of the entrance.  The Chrome spray looks great, runs very fast so you have to be careful.  Once sprayed and dry I glued and puttied the entrance to the diner. I touched up the putty with Chrome Steel from Testors and it worked quite well not exactly matching but close especially since I weathered the joints and entrance with some of our new Secret Weapon Miniatures wash which worked wonderful.  I was going to also use their pigments to weather further but decided not to at this time.  The work is just about done--paint the doors, window shade, and a couple of other small things.  You can't see it in the photo but the front entrance wall has a window with sign "OPEN", the window made from a small sheet of plexiglas I got at Hobby Lobby or Michaels for less than $2, it could make up to 50 windows.
This is the last post for the diner, next I'll be working on a small aether flyer runabout or painting the Chicagoland buildings we got from Old Glory.


  1. Looking pretty good mate. Maybe adding a bit of wear and tear?

  2. I was putting this off because I am brain dead right now. You obviously have thought briefly on this what are your thoughts?

  3. A bit of rust in corners. Or just a bit of dirty it up. Take a look at pictures of real diners like this. May have been patched up here and there...

    Rust effect could be made with a brown wash.