Friday, May 20, 2011

New Projects, new figures

Trent has sent our restck as well as some new additions all will be up soon.
My new project is a trio of aether scouts.  The source is a kiddie plastic pool boat about six inches long and costs a $1 from Target.  So far I have taken the boats apart and made a templet of the deck space.  One ship has a deck house.  More descriptions and photos soon.  I also have finished the first Chicagoland building from Old Glory and am beginning the second, photos of both soon.  I bought more deck guns, ladders and davits from Houston so I will be finishing off the first Commerce raider I began so long ago.  Anyone know who makes open boats I can use for lifeboats. I have been putting off finishing it because the second commerce raider will be designed based on an Osprey book.
Finally, well almost, I found a Hotwheels hemi looking big van that I have taken the decals off and will be painting up for my SPRU unit. I purchased 1936 1:48 White opentop bus, which I have taken apart to spray paint the exterior.  I plan to use the bus for archaeological expeditions in the Back of Beyond.

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