Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Figures Arrive from Tiger

Now that we are back from Nashcon and normalcy (well for us anyway) DHL brought us a restock and new figure line from Tiger.  One new addition is a pack mule set ($8.50) with one carrying ammo boxes and the other a maxim MG. 
Very new from Tiger is the Renaissance Knights with five packs to date RN01 General Command Mounted 2 mounted figs ($10); RN02 Mercenary Pike Standing (with Cmd.) 20 figs ($34); RN03 Arquebus Unit (with cmd) 20 figs ($34); RN07 Mounted Lancers 6 mounted figs ($30); and Mounter Reiter 6 mounted figs ($30).
We will be slightly expanding the Splintered Light line we carry as well as taking orders to Cons that David cannot attend.  Also soon as we get them ready we will be carrying unsaddled horses in at least four poses.


  1. Need to check the packmule out!

  2. I try and get Ben to post photos this week.