Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mars/VSF/Aether scout boats

We got a bunch of these at Target for .99 each for four different ships, but only two different body types.
The first ship was a challenge for awhile, then I saw the possibilities that the bumps and protrusions could infact be painted to simulate propulsion systems or some such.  So all I did to change this was to cut out the orange life preserver on the front, cut a gun position with sliding overhead door, I glued a floor in for the gun to sit on and may add a black background piece.  Unfortunately there was only one of these ships, but got seven of the others just below.

The first thing I did was to pop the deck off of each ship, then cut off all protrusions from the body.  Then I made a templete for a wood deck to sit within the body.  I cut three wood decks, simulated decking and gave them an ink wash made with rubbing alcohol so it will dry fast and not warp the balsa.   I added a brass rod and a model plane prop to this one below.  I then tentatively put the deck in place.  I took the original deck housing and inserted a block of balsa for some heft then added the  white plasticard to give this new deck house some height.  I used 1/2 inch straight pins to hold the plasticard to the balsa and orange deck house, did not work out too great but OK enough.  I used a couple of Ramshackle armored hatches to provide some protection to the pilot.  The two plastic things in the bow represent a bollard to tie the ship ti a landing mast.  The gun on top is from Richard Houston- part of his alien gun collection, unfortunately no longer in production.  There is also a hatch and ladder not visible on the rear of the deck house.

This ship body below I cut down by an inch, just to make a different boat body, the gun is again a small alien gun by Houston, the protective shield is made from some piece from Ramshackle backed by thin plasticard that I tried to make look like it had rivets.  I used a Tandy leather pounce? wheel I got from Hobby Lobby.  It comes with three different punch distance wheels.  Running this across the card makes a dimple on the reverse side that looks just like a rivet.  I just need to make an open pilot house for this.

 This ship has a square deck house with armored view slits and hatch by Ramshackle.  I don't really care for this pilot house. I used grooved plasticard and L shaped edging by Evergreen, the edging was enhanced with the pounce wheel rivets.

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