Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Photos

These recently finished projects needed some photos so I took some today along with the latest from Tiger.

This first photo is our 28mm hardsuit I modified with a scratch built backpack and flame thrower.  The suit is a slightly modified Belgian dive suit from the 20's.

This is my first model painted from the Old Glory Chicagoland Buildings.  The roof does fit very well but it is OK.  The interior has been painted and we are considering what to do with the building, I think it will turnout to be a print shop specializing in money in the back room.  I got the printing office from RLBPS's Frontline collection, should be a nice place for the cops to raid.

These two photos, exterior and interior, are 'a la' Grim's Plasticville structures.  This building is a converted firehouse for the local gang, where they brew booze and can hang-up and spread arms to torture good guys (that's the red thing on the left). Plastic scale lumber was used to board up windows on the street side. Sprue bits have been used to make electric and water connections. 

This is the latest from Tiger Miniatures, Pack Mule 04 - the left mule I think is random pack mule, but the right mule carries a machinegun.  The gun could be water cooled Browning or a Maxim.

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  1. The buildings are quite good! I really like the interior.