Monday, July 25, 2011

ATZ game one photos

These two photos show the game table set-up for our first game.  You can see the cab of the yellow oil truck at the garage, the furthest that the Zs got from the hospital.  In the background are my sailing 'navies' that are gunned and ready for backyard action, well as soon as it cools off.

The photo above  shows the rear of the hospital at turn one with the police in position as the Zs come out door 3.  Just to the right is the closest edge of the park.  One thing quite obvious is that we need real streets rather than just the tabletop (waxed masonite covering plywood.  Just below the tables edge  runs a 6 inch ledge for drinks and supplies, in this case a stash of 1 inch fender washers we use for bases (they cost about $0 .05 each by the 100 or 1,000).

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  1. The look of it will improve with streets. Buildings look ace!