Saturday, July 23, 2011

First ATZ Game

We finally got around to gaming ATZ today.  With the table looking thus:
We used a 4 foot by 4 foot part of the table.
Since this was our first ATZ I thought we would begin with an initial outbreak starting at the hospital.  The Zeds started moving inside the hospital and the police were called. They parked facing door 3 and I rolled for the numbers of Zs and at which door.  I controlled the police (since I only got to page 7 so far) and Ben had read through the rules so he became the game master, it worked out quite well.
I controlled five police all armed with automatics and three with flash bags.  With move one the police activated and moved toward door 3.  The Zs activated and came out of the hospitals 2,3,4 exits.  Civilians were located one each at the garage, outside the florist, diner, and 5 in the park.
The Zs at door 2 went toward the park, toward the police at door 3 and toward the church from door 4.  All the cops decided to fire at the Zs from door 3, one tried to throw his flashbang and he dropped it, he was safe but the female cop was out of action, the other three fired at the Zs killing 2 and knocking one down.
Turn 2
 Cops moved closer to the Zs and the one who tried the flashbang got up and had to meelee with a Z (cop won), two moved toward the park to stop the Zs, my character tried to revive his partner but could not; the Zs from door 2 attacked a man on a park bench from the rear, but they missed and had to melee with the cops. One cop was out of action while the other killed his Z. The Z from door 4 made it to the church but the door was closed.
Turn 3
Cops fired at Zs and killed the one from door 2, but more activated out the front door #1 and moved toward the florist and the man there. The cop near the parked killed the remaining Z. The other cops moved in his direction.
Turn 4
More Zs activated out door 1 and moved toward the florist.  The cops tried to revived the downed officer didn't work. The Zs from door 1 attacked the florist. The Z at the church attacked the priest and killed him but the Nun killed the Z
Turn 5
More Zs activated out door 4 and moved toward the florist.  The Zs at the florist finished with him and moved toward the garage the Zs moving from door 4 joined in.  The others out of door 2 moved toward the Post Office van then they saw the ganger at the diner and moved toward him.
Turn 6
The 3 remaining police moved toward the florist and the Zs going toward the ganger.
Turn 7
The Zs made it to the ganged and killed him.  My character got into range and killed a Z after the ganger died.  Two other cops moved and fired killing the last Z.
Turn 8
More Zs activated out of door 1 and moved toward the florist and the other moving Zs. My character went behind the florist toward the moving Zs. The other two cops moved toward the Zs in front of the florist.
Turn 9
The Zs made it to the garage and one charged the mechanic. My character got behind the those Zs and shot one, the mechanic had a grinder and was able to kill two Zeds attacking him.
the two cops in front of the florist shot and killed a Z. We activated a doctor, nurse and candy stripper out of door 2. 
Turn 10
These turns were really moving fast. More Zs activated out of door 1.  The Zs attacked the two cops, one Z was shot and one killed in a melee. My character oved and shot a Z. The medical staff moved toward the downed officer.
Turn 11
More Zs activated out of door 4 and moved toward the Z moving toward the garage.  The medics were able to revive the downed cop.  the other three cops moved and fired at the Zs killing two and knocking one down.
Turn 12
One Z activated out of door 1, my character moved and shot the downed Z, the other two shot and killed two Zs, this left 1 Z.
Turn 13
The medics and cop moved toward the other downed officer.  The last Z was shot.
Turn 14
One more Z activated right in front of the medics from door 3.  The Candy stripper had a gun but missed the cop shot and killed the Z.  The cops moved toward door 4.
Turn 15
A Z activated from door 4. The medics made it to the downed officer and revived her.  The other cops killed the Z and moved to the medic group.
Turn 16
Three Zs activated from door 3 and moved toward the group and had to climb on top of a car to attack the cops, everyone fired and the three Zs died.
We decided to end it here since to Zs could just keep activating.
All in all I had a good time and Ben did a great job game mastering.
The cops were Copplestone, the Zs ours mostly reusing the Hospital Zs, the civilians were either plasticville (park) or heroclix.  Vehicles were a mixed bag either 1/50 or 1/43.  The buildings were either plasticville or OG Chicagoland.

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  1. Would have loved for a pic or two. Still a good read. The turns are really fast! And I actually like that about the game.

    Well done mate