Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on figs

Lord Siwoc asked, nay begged for photos (just kidding), I don't know why I'm not a great painter, just adequate but here goes.  First up is the creature from the black lagoon, followed by a representative sample of my Chindits.

 Below is the future men's clothing store, from OG, not quite finished just a few detail to work on for the exterior, we'll work on the interior someother time.  This big red thing is my deep diving submersible.  I was hoping that the interior would be somewhat visible but the light is reflecting too much off the paint.  This was made from some GI Joe type sled thing, a cigar tube, a christmas ornament and a dishwashing liquid cap.  The interior contains a small computer part, as an on board computer, two figures, and some decals to represent control surfaces.  There is also a deck and ladder to the hatch.


 This photo shows some of the Egyptians for archaeological gaming along the Nile.  Everyone in white was just a rebase while the two diggers are new paint jobs.
My conversion of our hardsuit, there is a new backpack with nuclear motor and gas tanks for the flame thrower all scratch built.

I'm having problems moving the photos around where I want them Sorry.
Above is representative sample of my Connon Fodder US Naval figs that were rebased.  I really like the additions to the rear most fig who is now holding a Springfield '03 and a Bowie knife in preparation to defend his ship.
Finally, the OG small warehouse, that still needs a few details painted on the exterior.
I am looking for some machine shop tools for the interior of the model.

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  1. Which size are the buildings? I really like the hardsuit...

    May have to look more into that. Not sure what I am going to use it for, but really want to paint one!

    Really good painting progress!