Saturday, July 16, 2011

Painting update

The Chindits are finished, Ghurkas are based and primed along with Hinterlands figs: two 25 woman coys, a machinegun plt. and a half coy of trench raiders.  I also based six of Brigade Games female Zouaves to use as scouts.  Also completed were about ten Egyptian archaeology/smugglers/diggers.  I have slowly been rebasing figures (Egyptian figs and US Naval late 19th C and 1920s Naval) that were either on pennies or tiny washers (those fit for 15/20mm figs).
Last night we ordered a bunch of SCIFI figs from Antenociti's Workshop ( I got some female troops for an Honor Harrington scenario I've been developing. Terrain pieces from Ainsty Casting; including space station items and the stone wharf, among other bits.
I am working on two more OG buildings, one a factory the other looks like it is going to be a mens store with law offices above; so it needs to be fitted with stairs and a floor.
I bought from Syr Hobbs 12 packs of early war (II) US Marines and mostly all the civilians that Platoon 20 or Elheim had.  This pretty well finishes off the figures needed for my Japanese campaign against some So. Pacific Islands in the late 1930s (Tales of the old Monkey). 

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