Monday, March 7, 2011

Cold Wars

Another day and we're off to Cold Wars to see friends and hopefully sell a bunch of stuff.  We'll probably use our Old Glory Army card to get the accessories for their Chicago buildings we got at Fall In.  I'm looking for 20mm WWII pacific figures, mostly Japanese.  I'm pretty close to having all I need for a small project I have been working on, less than 200 figures mostly plastic.  But thinking about getting some 28mm figures for the Pacific as the range is greater and I'm going to get a Gruman Goose through the hobby shop in Owensboro. 
We just got in today a large order from Hydra with their new rockets, I forgot to order more War Rocket rules so hopefully they'll get them to us in time but I'm not holding my breath.  We have so much new stuff we'll be hard pressed to display it this time.  But we ordered some display units that should allow us to display everything we carry that can hang.  We will also get some shelves to display painted figures from specific ranges hanging on that panel.  That should do away with the most of the tables we now have to get at shows.

Our Zombies in review.  Bryan S. in England has bought a number of our figures, Zombies and Civilians and has reviewed the Zombies at  I was impressed with this web site,even before he reviewed our stuff.  Bryan is a very good painter and his painting gave me some ideas for my Zombies (when I pull them out of the bins).  Bryan has reviewed loads of Zombies (he wrote that his number some 1200+) that's a lot of Zombies.

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