Monday, March 21, 2011

The Plasticville Diner

I thought awhile back I mentioned building this model and soon putting up a photo.  The Plasticville Diner itself consists of four walls and a roof.  I added counters, interior door, stools, wall dressing, and people.  The counters are from the Plasticville Frosty Bar with the wall sections cut off.  The cooking area is also from the Frosty, with stove like printed card stock , cabinets and backsplash from The Virtual Arm Chair General's PI's apartment interior (I think).  The door from the Frosty was in good condition and has a round window which I thought looked just right for the door between the kitchen area and the front.

In the photo above you can see some of the back wall with the printed card stock.  The front of the diner was silver and looked rusty so I left it that way only adding some red to the name and the lights next to the door.  The window blinds were yellow plastic and I painted them white. (That's a seven inch ruler).

In this photo above you can see the left side with customer sitting at the counter.   The stools are made from plastic pipe painted silver and a drop of white glue as the cushion painted red.

This last photo shows the entire interior, two or four more figures will be added to the scene to make it more realistic through the windows.  A little touch up painting and the roof will soon go on and will look patched and be weathered.

Plasticville buildings by Bachman are either HO (1:87) or O (1:48) guage are generally available in most trainshops and on ebay for similar prices.  We use O guage since the buildings were originally made to use with both S and O, so that our figures, 28mm (or there abouts), fit right in.

Over the last year I was lucky enough to find five or six bunches of misc.O guage buildings, anywhere from two to 20 buildings in the bunch some with missing parts but generally in good condition, a little dirty but they wash up easy.  For the missing parts I just found a solution at the Evansville, In. train meet and flea market.  I met Jim Jaehnen and he had a pile of Plasticville buildings in O guage for sale.  Ben bought 5 or six buildings and I found out about his parts and pieces.  So I made a list of missing walls and cupolas to send him.  If you want his address please ask, he does not have a web site.

While putting together a list of missing parts I had to temporarily put together my buildings and they number 25 plasticville buildings and that is not the entire line of Plasticville buildings.  Ben has five or six more and with Old Glory's Chicagoland buildings we have over 40 modernish buildings for pulp and whatever gaming.

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  1. Sweet! Really like the looks of it. Is it easy to move miniatures around in there? A scale shot with a zed inside would be lovely.

    Good work mate