Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Figures

Trent Miniatures has sent us the first four cases (317 packs of 80+ numbers) of their miniatures.  They include, DeeZee Miniatures (ice age and earlier mammals), Newark characters (Napoleon, Prince Rupert, Bromhead, Godiva, King John, Marion and Friar Tuck), French (foot, cavalry and artillery) and Russian (foot) French Revolutionary War, Caribbean (Haitian) Revolution, Irish '98 troubles, and some equipment.  The foot figures measure 28mm and the cavalryman 28mm on the Barrett scale, the horses measure 25mm to the shoulder.  
At first look, that's all the time I have had to look, they are quite well sculpted and nicely animated.  We'll be taking them to Cold Wars and Little Wars soon.  Hopefully, they will be on the website in the next month or two.  Email us for a list.

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