Sunday, March 13, 2011

On the way back from Cold Wars

After breaking down the booth and packing up the truck we made it Ohio, just, before stopping from Sorrus butticus.  Well, it wasn't our best Cold Wars but better than our first in '07.
We have several packages waiting: one from Micro-mark - tools for sculpting, filing and making models.  Best from Historifigs with our latest production of a Martian style (?) skiff for 15 or 20mm figures.  It is scaled for 15s but I think 20s will also work well.  I was going to put a picture here, but this will not take the 3D program it is in.  So it will have to wait until Ben can photograph it.
The Cold Wars dealer area was great, well obviously, there were more dealers here than Historicon and probably as many gamers.  Although the Host parking lot did have three empty parking spots Saturday night--amazing!  We both spent money like we had it; I finished buying Old Glory's Chicagoland buildings and some roof top bits.  I also bought from Age of Glory some Moroccans regulares (20 figs) for my Spanish Foreign Legion to operate with, a small artillery piece and mortar with close enough uniformed troops to be Legionnaires.  This gives me two 20 man units of SFL, one Regulares, and some heavy weapons.  It should be sufficient to fight the Rifs in a campaign planned for next year.  I also picked up from On Military Matters a Spanish illustrated history on the Legion 1920 to 1931.  I already have several others in Spanish and one in English which I will list soon all very good.
We should get home by mid-afternoon on Monday, then unload the truck and return it to Enterprise.  I'll have to place an order with Tiger to replace all the figures we sold out of over the weekend.  I am slightly surprised that we sold quite a bit of Trent Miniatures stock with no notice or advertizing.  Very nice stuff and Duncan Macfarland (Trent's owner) lent us his display figures and I am sure that the excellent paint job and great figures help to sell them.

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