Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hinterland 's new figures

Earlier this week I received an order from Hinterland Princess Viktoria's troops.  I have decided to use these figures in my imaginary nations19th/20th C world, I'll probably also use Brigade Games female Zouaves as regular infantry.
I am thinking of making these figures a six company (10-12 man companies) battalion/regiment with a MG section (2 guns).  I'll be using the trench raiders as the Grenadiers and the skirmishers as light or voltigers or whatever.  A horse holder or two would make these mounted infantry.  I may change and make them 6 man companies with two batttalions to a regiment and two regiments to the brigade.
I have a great book on a section of a west central German area with maps and photos, population info, history, etc etc. and I think that Princess Viktoria and her sisters will be commanding a brigade sized army in the near future. 
Last night I ordered enough more troops to fill out the first battalion/regiment.
I wonder if I should also have male troops, well no country has just a female population, an equal sized unit of men couldn't hurt even if they are commanded by women.

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