Friday, February 11, 2011

Converting a Playmobil ship

As I mentioned last time I am working on my first convertion of a Playmobil ship. This photo shows the full ship from aft, it is approximately 30 inches long.  The top deck has a ships wheel and you can just makeout an officer next to it.  On the bridge deck you can see a sailor with a  heavy machinegun in a permanent mount.  There is one on the other side as well as between the two bollards on the rear deck. The top deck is removeable with the bridge, radioroom, chartroom and stairs to the next deck down open to gaming.  Still left to finish from the obvious include painting the deck and drybrushing rust.
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Here you can see the bridge deck interior, on the right is the radioroom the center white space is the stairs down, well suposedly, as the piece to hold the upperdeck in place goes here. 

You can see in the photo below the hatch covers are on with the single deck gun in place.  The balsa wood pieces surrounding the gun are part of a quick drop packing crate that hides the gun.  The gun is a 1:72 88mm gun which is approximately a three inch gun in 1:64 scale.  The gun is mounted on a magnet with a large washer glued to the hatch.  The next ship will be more of a large construction project as I want to make it closer to a commerce raider than an armed resupply ship.  So that I will be cutting into the hull for two or three 4 inch guns, and a different bridge complex.  I am starting on my drawings this weekend so maybe a pic of that next week.

In the background you can see my workbench, Ben's is a mirror image in the other corner.  Under the heatpump is my collection of MWANs, rule books, Ospreys, and magazines.  The ship is sitting on our 4 X 10 gametable, with what I thought would be loads of storage underneath.  But my son has more stuff than me and I have been collecting stuff for 50+ years.  Behind the back wall is a storage are that is 4 by 20 but has a sloping ceiling so we could really make the gameroom bigger than the 16 by 20, including the stairs up from the garage, the storage area has been very helpful as my wife doesn't want much of our gaming toys in the house.  I have some stuff in my third floor/attic library.

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