Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Figures

I ordered the Great Escape (Stalag Luft III) figure sets from EBOB, as well as two sets of horses and skeletons with a commercial license for some figure to come out later this year. 
The figures are really quite nice and they cleaned up very quickly, maybe every third figure had a mold line to scrape off.  Most standing up straight figures are 27mm from sole to eyes, the not "Steve McQueen" figure is 29mm as is one other.  Buying a set gets you a couple of extra stoogies or the Kommandant in the case of the Germans.  I can't wait to paint these up, don't know what to use them for yet.  Hmmm! use the British and American prisoners as captured during a secret operation in a lost German colony in the Pacific during the 1930s?  Sounds weird so maybe that will work. Yeah I can see it now.

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