Monday, February 21, 2011

New Sand Pebbles arrives and other stuff

Tiger's new SP003 Shore Patrol has arrived, I matched these against my painted Cannon Fodder's Sand Pebbles.  Tiger's are between one and three mm taller and slightly thicker.  But I think these will fit right in together.

Each of the figures carry a billy club and the officer is attempting to draw his pistol.  I don't know what the fig second from right is doing, maybe I shouldn't ask and he won't tell. (It was almost funny).
We're still waiting for other Tiger figures ordered a month or more before these to arrive.  This came DHL not bad timing since I think it was sent on 2-17.

I have been working on a Plasticville Diner and I'm just about finished with the interior, photos when done.  It will be part of our town for Pulp gaming.  Next up is a Plasticville hospital, they come two storey.  I plan to cut the top off the second storey of one and the entire second storey of another to make a three storey hospital with removeable roof and two floors.  Photos from the beginning.  Following that in no particular order will be a gas station, church, police station, and fire station.

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