Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Figures Arrive

Finally, our first shipment of six packs each of Tiger's new US Navy Sand Pebbles has arrived and we expect more of them during the next week.  Weapons include in SP002, 2 BAR, 7 Springfields, and a pump shotgun.  The four officers SP001 carry 45s and the NCO a Springfield. Coming next week is SP003 a real shore patrol armed with billy clubs.
These should go quite well with my Cannon Fodder US Navy Sand Pebble figures, although I think these new figs might be slightly taller at 30 to 31mm to the eyes.  But then no everyone is six foot tall as long and the heads are the same size it should be fine.
Ben has posted some photos of our new civilian figures on his blog
Lots more stuff coming in the next couple of weeks stay tuned.

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