Monday, February 7, 2011

Tales of the Gold Monkey

I started watching Tales of the Gold Monkey and must say it is wonderful for ideas in Pulp Gaming.  I've even started making a list of figures to begin purchasing:
Bluemoon: Japanese Agents
Copplestone Honest Citizens and Sleuths
Perry: Samurai 7, 24, and 43 for the Princesses personal guard
Pulp Figs: each of the Japanese packs making two units of 20 figs each for the secret island base, several of the weird war Germans, and the Island warriors
Artizen: too many to list for civilians, island bureaucrats, Germans high command, and civilian contractors
Valiant: has some really nice Geishas and head Personal guard for Princess Koji
I might still need some Japanese pilots for the Zeros at the secret Japanese airfield on island x.
I have two Playmobile ships, see below, that I am converting into German commerce raiders.
Click on the image please, in order to see the content of this item.
Major renovations need to be made to these ships particularly the superstructure, as it is made for 2 1/2inch figures and is too modern looking.  The ship is approximately 30inches long and 8 wide.  There was a long series on LAF about converting this ship.  It is a great read and an even better job than mine will be.  Soon as I finish the first ship I will post photos, probably next week.

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