Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ion Cannnon for Star Wars gaming

Painting is just about completed on this 'Ion Cannon', the computer screens need some space ships pictured.  It is constructed from the motor and shaft from a blender while the top from the blue ceramic up is from a gas oven igniter, I don't remember where the radar dish is from but the computer controls come from the Playmobil ship fittings.  I think the motor gives the cannon a nice realistic feel to it.  I didn't paint very much of the model as I chose the electric pieces precisely because they looked real.  The gas oven igniter is very nice especially since the igniter is from our oven when I had to replace it.  Unfortunately the cannon cannot depress any further than pictured, OK so it is for planetary defence only.  To power the cannon I have a massive generator I bought from Rudy Nelson's Time Portal Hobbies years ago.

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